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Real people. Real stories. Real deals. We have an emerging show where industry expert and insider, Adam Leffler, PhD, interviews real people about challenges with home buying, home selling, education programs, and then shares tips for improvement. We also, highlight the ups and downs of real people engaging in real estate. 

About Us

Adam Leffler has been involved in real estate as a Realtor or investor for nearly 24 years. He has taught classes in the USA, Canada, Australia, the UK, and the Caribbean. He has been an instrumental trainer in in programs for Carleton H Sheets, Robert Kyiosaki, Robert Allen, Ron LeGrand, Armando Montelongo, Scott Yancey, Doug Clark, and many others. He has hundreds of documented 5-Star reviews from former students! He holds a masters degree in adult education and training and a doctorate degree in higher education administration.

Our goal

The goal of the show is to help real people with honest, up-to-date information gleaned from years of experiencing practicing real estate and teaching real estate activity. We also have some fun highlighting mistakes and showing people how they could have approached real estate challenges better.


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